6-Wheel Mercedes X-Class Custom Is Pickup Of Your Nightmares

The massive rig has significantly wider wings, and all the body panels are carbon fibre.

Carlex Design is launching a new, truck-focused sub-imprint that has the rather obvious name Pickup Design, and the division’s first undertaking is building a six-wheeled version of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class that has the suitably outrageous moniker the Exy Monster X Concept.

The custom truck doesn’t exist in the real world yet, but Pickup Design is promising it all of the body panels to be carbon fibre. A massive bulge adorns the bonnet, and there’s a light bar on the roof. In addition to the extra axle, there are also wider wings for mounting bigger wheels underneath the machine. To contrast with the dark exterior, the bed features a vibrant shade of yellow in what the firm calls “protective, structural paint.”

There are no details yet about powertrain tweaks. The stock turbodiesel 3.0-litre V6 with 258 bhp and 406 lb-ft of torque might not have the necessary grunt to keep up with the truck’s mean look. There is also no information about the controls for the three-axle setup like whether a full 6×6 mode is possible.

Pickup Design intends to fit carbon-ceramic brake discs. The customized suspension drops the truck’s ride height, too. A winch on each end means that a driver can pull the pickup out of even the stickiest situations.

The Exy Monster X Concept appears to be a more hardcore take on Carlex Design’s previously teased six-wheeled X-Class. Elements like the bonnet scoop and style bar along the bed look very similar. However, the Exy seems to have even more massive wings than the already brawny parts on the earlier pickup.

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